Jemima M. Tabeart

Researcher in numerical linear algebra and data assimilation.

About me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computational Science group within the Centre for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications at TU Eindhoven. My research interests include large scale numerical linear algebra (theory and applications), data assimilation, and treatment of covariance matrices. Alongside my research I’m interested in outreach and scientific crafting. Contact me at j[.]m[.]tabeart[at]tue[.]nl

Photo of Jemima - she is smiling and wearing a blue gingham dress and a grey cardigan, and background behind her is blurred Photo of a group of about 30 people standing along a flight of stairs Photo of 3 people in front of a blackboard. Jemima is standing in the middle and smiling Photo of Jemima forwning at her computer


I’ve co-organised a mini-symposium on NLA for Inverse Problems with Applications to Data Assimilation and Imaging wiht Jennifer Scott at the SIAM LA meeting in Paris. Come listen to some great talks in MS69 and 76 on Wednesday.

Paper accepted at Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis with John W. Pearson. Read the published version here.

Together with Alison Ramage, Amos S. Lawless, Selime Gurol, Jennifer Scott and Melina Freitag our network on Preconditioning for Variational Data Assimilation Problems was funded by the INI Network Support for Mathematical Sciences. Find out more here.

I’ve recently started a new position at TU Eindhoven and moved to the Netherlands! I’m looking forward to new adventures on the mathematical and geographical fronts.

Work and education history

Find my CV here October 2023 - Present: Assistant Professor at TU Eindhoven

October 2022 - October 2023: Fulford Non-Stipediary Fellow at Somerville College

September 2022 - October 2023: Hooke Fellow in the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford in the Numerical Analysis group.

2019 - August 2022: PDRA in the School of Mathematics at The University of Edinburgh working with Dr John W. Pearson

Spring 2020: Semester Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics at Brown University

2016 - 2019: PhD at the University of Reading with Professor Sarah Dance, Dr Amos Lawless, Professor Nancy Nichols and Dr Joanne Waller. Read my thesis here

2015 - 2016: MRes at Imperial College, London and University of Reading as part of the Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training

2011 - 2015: MMath at the University of Bath with Study Year Abroad at Université Joseph Fourier (now Université Grenoble Alpes)

Some recent papers

My google scholar profile

Saddle point preconditioners for weak-constraint 4D-Var

Jemima M. Tabeart and John W. Pearson

Stein-based preconditioners for weak-constraint 4D-var

Davide Palitta and Jemima M. Tabeart

Model Reduction of Linear Dynamical Systems via Balancing for Bayesian Inference

Elizabeth Qian, Jemima M. Tabeart, Christopher Beattie, Serkan Gugercin, Jiahua Jiang, Peter R. Kramer and Akil Narayan

Saddle point preconditioners for weak-constraint 4D-Var

Jemima M Tabeart and John W Pearson

The conditioning of least squares problems in preconditioned variational data assimilation

Jemima M Tabeart, Sarah L Dance, Amos S Lawless, Nancy K Nichols, Joanne A Waller

The impact of using reconditioned correlated observation‐error covariance matrices in the Met Office 1D‐Var system

Jemima M Tabeart, Sarah L Dance, Amos S Lawless, Stefano Migliorini, Nancy K Nichols, Fiona Smith, Joanne A Waller

Improving the condition number of estimated covariance matrices

Jemima M Tabeart, Sarah L Dance, Amos S Lawless, Nancy K Nichols, Joanne A Waller

The conditioning of least‐squares problems in variational data assimilation

Jemima M Tabeart, Sarah L Dance, Stephen A Haben, Amos S Lawless, Nancy K Nichols, Joanne A Waller


2023–24 2DBI00 – Linear algebra and Applications (lecturer and instructor) 2DRR00 – Linear algebra and Applications (instructor) 2DBA0 – Matrices and differential equations (instructor)

Other activities

Follow me on Twitter @jemimatabeart for infrequent updates and photos of my crafting efforts

I blog about my exploits via active travel and public transport at Adventures of a Mathematician

I co-organised the Communications in Numerical Linear Algebra series: find out more at our website or catch up on previous talks on our Youtube channel